Teach your child how to handle criticism

Dealing with criticism is a skill your child can learn and master. 


"Download this and use it on your children of any age immediately. It's like a barrier to stop the hurt of criticism sinking in... much easier than trying to rub that stain out later! " - Bren

"This is such a great and easy to apply technique for kids and adults too. Thank you for making it available and teaching me!" - Amisha

"You’ve just catalysed an epiphany for me so thanks for sharing this. ♥️" - Anicca

"Fabulous message and guide Kasey. Good reminder to touch on this again with my little one (Dylan age 9) - thank you!" - Felicity

"I relate to this so hard and love your tips for helping kids handle criticism! The "Giraffe Test" is the best!! :)" - Dana

"Thank you Kasey Edwards, love the tips, simple but effective. Also , never too old for the Giraffe response!" - Cecilia

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